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Bed Bug Extermination

Indiana & Ohio Bed Bug Extermination

Tri-County Pest Control offers Bed Bug extermination in Indiana & Ohio.  Bed Bugs in Indiana and Ohio have reached Epidemic proportions and can be found taking refuge almost anywhere, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Shopping Centers, and worst of all in your home! Unfortunately, having Bed Bugs introduced into your home is an all too true reality that many people face and deal with today. When Bed Bugs become your problem, Tri-County Pest Control is standing by ready to eliminate your Bed Bug problem the right way. Our technicians are trained Bed Bug extermination experts. Our company uses safe effective chemicals, proper techniques, and our years of experience to Identify and eliminate Bed Bugs in your home. Call today and Let Tri-County Pest Control eliminate your Bed Bug issue and bring back your peace of mind.

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Bed Bug Extermination

Tri-County Pest Control uses a 3-step process to get you on track to eliminating your bed bug issue! Our company offers affordable, safe & effective chemical treatment solutions. Call us today and see what makes our company great .

1st Step Contact Us

It all starts with a phone call, we are standing by ready to help! 

  • When you call us you will be talking to a licensed experienced professional

  • When you call us we Listen!

  • We gladly answer your questions about Bed Bugs and our treatment process

  • Free Price quote over the phone without any commitments up front 

Step 2 Inspection

Our second step to Bed Bug Extermination is an initial Inspection

  • Initial inspection to confirm Bed Bug or other pest issues

  • Thorough explanation of our Bed Bug Extermination process and any required preparation for treatment

  • Initial Treatment Scheduling and Paperwork

Step 3 Bed Bug Extermination

Once a treatment time and date is set we can get to work eliminating Bed Bugs for you ! 

  • Treatments are usually scheduled early in the morning allowing same day re-entry for most customers

  • After your scheduled appointment should any questions or issues arise we are always available to call!


Ask us about our 30-day Bed Bug warranty!

  • Our company strives to              offer the best service   possible with a 30-day   warranty for bed bugs


General Bed Bug Information

  • Bed Bug adults are generally rounded and reddish brown in color.

  • Bed Bug adults are most comparable to the size of an apple seed usually measuring around a quarter of an inch.

  • Bed Bugs use Humans as well as animals as their food source, primarily feeding at night while its host is asleep.

  • Bed Bugs can leave nasty bite reactions.  However, not everyone who gets bit has a bite reaction.  This is one reason why proper identification and inspection is needed to identify a Bed Bug issue.

  • Thankfully, Bed Bugs (unlike mosquitoes) have not been deemed a health threat by the CDC, as they are not known to carry or spread any diseases! 

Did you know?

Bed Bugs hatch from an small egg and go through 5 different life stages (called nymphal instar stages) before reaching its finale adult stage

Did you Know?

Female Bed Bugs lay up to 5 eggs per day and have a normal life expectancy of 6-12 months!

Did you know?

Adult Bed Bugs are not easy to starve out! Experts believe adult Bed Bugs can live without a host for 2-12 months! 

Did you know

Their is such a thing as Bat Bugs! To the human eye they look almost identical but under a microscope Bat Bugs have more hair!

bed bug 4.jpg

Bed Bugs love your bed!

Bed Bugs want to get close to you. You are their food source after all! One of the most common areas to find Bed Bugs are your bed. Look at your mattress seams and edges for Bed Bugs, eggs, or black specs of fecal matter.

 We happily service Indiana & Ohio 

  • Richmond, Indiana Bed Bugs

  • Cambridge City, Indiana Bed Bugs

  • Connersville, Indiana Bed Bugs

  • New Castle, Indiana Bed Bugs

  • Winchester, Indiana Bed Bugs

       & more

*See our service area page for more information 

bed bug 3.jpg

Bed Bugs love your curtains 

Bed Bugs are most commonly found in beds and furniture. However, your curtains will do when they run out of room!

Bed Bug Life cycle


Close up adult Bed Bug

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